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Clive organises New Eltham Walkabout

Clive recently held a walkabout in Eltham Town Centre with local residents who wanted to see improvements to the local environment  and council officers.  Below are some of the notes taken from the walkabout which have been sent to the Council.  Their response will be posted onto the website as soon as they are available.  Some points raised at the walkabout which involved specific private addresses have been deleted from this version to protect people’s confidentiality.

new eltham walkabout002

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Strongbow Walkabout, June 2014

Clive and the local councillors Wynn Davis and Linda Bird met with local residents in Strongbow Crescent and Road. Below is a copy of the notes taken from that walkabout. Addresses have been removed from this version to protect anonymity. We will be coming back to Strongbow to check progress on these issues.
strongbow walkabout June 2014009

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