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Clive comment’s on ‘dissapointing’ Active People Survey sports participation figures

Commenting on the publication of the latest active people survey figures , Clive Efford MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Sport, said:

“These disappointing figures show the Government is failing to deliver the Olympic legacy.

There should have been a significant increase in participation following the Olympics, it is not acceptable to explain away these figures by saying we have had a bad winter.

There has been a less than 1% increase in participation amongst young people. Whilst any increase is welcome, these figures show that we are failing to inspire the next generation of young people to get involved in sport.

The Government has failed to plan ahead and is playing catch up to get more people participating in physical activity. They are showing a complete lack of planning and any coherent strategy to deliver a legacy.”

Figures available here:

PRESS RELEASE – Fifa ethics committee report

In response to the report of the Chair of the Fifa Ethics committee Chairman Mr Hans-Joachim Eckert, Clive Efford MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Sport, said:

“Fifa will always remain under suspicion of corruption at the very top of the organisation unless there is an entirely independent investigation into the payments relating to the ISL contract. 

 We can only conclude from the fact that no one in Fifa questioned why a major TV contractor paid £1 million to President Havelange that it was commonplace for backhanders to be accepted by high ranking officials within the organisation.  The £1 million was paid Havelange c/o Fifa, Fifa acted like a clearing bank and simply passed the money on with no questions asked. 

It is extremely disappointing to see these people lining their pockets when volunteers that run grassroots clubs are desperate for funds.  The culprits must be identified and hounded out of our game.”

PRESS RELEASE Clive comments on the news that Michael Gove is seeking help to bail out school sport

Commenting on the news that Michael Gove is seeking help to bail out School Sport (Details here), Clive Efford, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Sport said:

“Before the last election we were told by the Tories that it would ‘be wrong to dismantle 13 years of work’ on School Sport, but this is exactly what the Government has done.

Scrapping the School Sport Partnership programme, which delivered record levels of participation in school sport and then attempting to cobble together a sports policy after the Olympics is not good enough.

The Government has no coherent sports strategy. Michael Gove’s decision over the sale of playing fields and the fact that Free Schools can open with no play space show that school sport does not feature in this Government’s thinking.”

PRESS RELEASE FA’s verdict on John Terry

Commenting on the news that John Terry has been given a four-match ban and a £220,000 after being found guilty of racist language, Clive Efford, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Sport said:

“The FA is right to take action over John Terry’s remarks. There is no place where comments of this kind are acceptable.

Footballers are household names and role models for many young people and the games governing bodies cannot be seen to turn a blind eye to racism on the football field.

It is unfortunate that John Terry’s England career has come to an end surrounded by controversy but racism cannot be tolerated and it has to be confronted no matter who is involved.”