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Eltham’s new Leisure Centre to open in 2007

Eltham’s new leisure centre is on schedule to open in 2007. 

After years of campaigning for Eltham to get a state-of-the-art facility Clive is delighted that things are nearing completion. The new eight lane main pool will be competition standard which means it will be a venue for accredited swimming galas that currently cannot be held at Eltham Pools. Greenwich Community College has also invested in the scheme and will occupy two floors in the new building. The library will also get a £1.7 million refurbishment and the centre will be a one-stop-shop for council services. Clive says, “This is a unique scheme linking leisure, education and local services. I hope that we will also be able to accommodate health services in the centre.”

Clive meets Seb to discuss 2012

Clive recently attended a meeting with Seb Coe regarding the 2012 Olympics.

Clive heard the announcement that London had won the bid to hold the games at a sports event involving hundreds of school children from Greenwich Schools (pictured right). Clive says, “Being with so many young people when they heard the news emphasises for me what the Olympics is all about. It would be absolutely wonderful if one of those children was to compete in the games. The icing on the cake would be if they trained at the new leisure centre.

In parliament, Clive has pressed for the Olympics to bring lasting benefits to local people. For more details, click here.

DLR to Eltham


Clive has met with the head of DLR to discuss the options for bringing the DLR to Eltham, asking them to consider Eltham when they formulate their future programme.

There are no current proposals to bring the DLR to Eltham, but Clive is asking for this possibility not to be ignored. DLR said that this is something they would like to do, but like everything else there are cost implications. For example; the DLR will reach Woolwich in early 2009. The pictures to the right shows Clive with London Mayor Ken Livingstone and government ministers at the cemony to mark the begining of the work in Woolwich.

To bring the DLR from Woolwich to Eltham would require a tunnel which immediately adds to the cost.

DLR bosses would like to bring the service to Greenwich Peninsular. Clive pointed out to them that if this were to happen then it might be possible to run a service above the A102 to Eltham. Many other major cities have introduced light rail and monorail systems along urban motorways.

Clive added “I know that these proposals are not in any current plans, but we must take this opportunity to put Eltham and Plumstead on the map. We need to look seriously at these issues if we are to tackle traffic congestion and protect the environment”.

Clive speaks out against Thames Gateway Bridge at public inquiry

Clive appeared at the Public Inquiry into the proposed Thames Gateway road bridge.

He explained that the case supporting the bridge was not sustainable on the basis of its environmental impact and its benefits to the local economy.

Clive also complained about the lack of meaningful consultation with local people and the absence of independent assessments of the arguments made in favour of the Thames Gateway transport schemes.

He pointed out that a road bridge would increase traffic on local roads leading to increased pressure for new roads to relieve congestion.

For the full transcript of Clive’s evidence to the Inquiry,click here.

John Prescott pops in for a cuppa

John Prescott dropped by the Pensioners’ Pop-In in Eltham High Street in April 2005 to meet with local people and to chat about the Pension Credit.

He pointed out that here in Eltham and Plumstead, the winter fuel allowance warmed the homes of 14,425 pensioners and that 3,071 pensioner households in the constituency were now benefiting from Pension Credit, with a local average award of £47.75 a week.