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Multi-sports area for Horn Park

A new floodlit multi sports area is to be introduced in Horn Park, providing a much-needed facility for young people.

Clive chairs a community forum on Horn Park where together with local people he has helped to develop plans for a new floodlit play area in the park. They recently visited the park to see the location of the new facility

Clive has been calling for improved facilities to be introduced in all our parks to provide places where young people can go and meet with their friends in safety and play ball games.

Local residents on Horn Park estate have been experiencing severe problems with antisocial behaviour. In response to their complaints Clive made sure that Horn Park was designated as one of the first ever Dispersal Zones in the country under the new police powers. Clive says, “It is not just about tackling bad behaviour we also have to provide places where young people can go. We need to look at what we provide in our parks to encourage young people to enjoy them without becoming involved in antisocial behaviour.” Clive hopes that if the Horn Park scheme makes a big impact then the council will introduce other schemes. He has already suggested a location in Eltham Park South for a similar scheme.

Well Hall Cinema

Clive Efford wants the developers of the Well Hall cinema to enter into a dialogue with local people and to revise their plans. 

Local residents were successful in having the planning permission for the site called in. Clive says, “This was one of the worst planning decisions I have ever seen and local people were entitled to be angry. These plans involved building out over the front service road to build a superstore and a private health clinic and would have defaced this landmark site for ever. I understand local people being frustrated over the length of time it has taken for something to be done with this site, but we will be stuck with what is left for ever.”

Clive has backed local residents’ calls for the development to include facilities for young people.


Safer Neighbourhood Teams across Eltham and Plumstead

Every community in London will have its own police Safer Neighbourhood Team by 2008.

An SNT is comprised of a sergeant, two PCs and three Police Community Support Officers. Each team will be dedicated to policing one area. Teams are already up and running in Middle Park and Horn Park, on the Page Estate, across Coldharbour, New Eltham and Avery Hill and in other parts of the constituency. Each team will be based in the community – the Middle Park and Horn Park team is already based in the Co-Op in Westhorne Avenue. The Cop Shop was opened by Home Office minister Hazel Blears in 2005.

SNT Update
Every ward in Eltham will have at least one sergeant, one PC and two police support officers by 3 April 2006. Every one will have a full strength team by April 2007.

SNTs have been so successful at tackling local crime that every community is demandoing their own team. To meet this demand the remaining teams are being rolled out in two phases.


Sven and Nancy come to Eltham

England Mananger Sven Goran Eriksson and his partner Nancy Dell’Olio came to Eltham Green School to highlight the work of Truce International, a charity that both are involved in which seeks to bring communities together through football.

Welcoming Sven and Nancy to Eltham, Clive Efford explained that this was a proud day for Eltham Green School. “Since becoming a Specialist Sports College the School has gone from strength to strength. In April 2004 Ofsted concluded that Eltham Green was ‘a very effective and rapidly improving school with a high proportion of good and very good teaching’.

Sports College funding has enabled the School to create a Dance Studio and a fitness gym, both equipped to professional standards.

Clive also took the opportunity to wish Sven and the England football team the best of luck in the world cup in the summer saying “we are becoming used to success here at Eltham Green and I wish the same for Sven and the team.”


Bus link from central Eltham to North Greenwich

Clive Efford is campaigning for express bus links from central Eltham to the Underground at North Greenwich. “North Greenwich station is becoming an important transport hub for this part of London. I only wish that Transport for London would recognise this fact and improve the bus services to make it easier for people from Eltham to get to the underground station.”

It takes over 45 minutes at peak times from central Eltham which means that many people are prevented from using London Transport for their journey to work. “This is unacceptable and really shows how Transport for London has ignored the needs of this part of London” explained Clive.“As the development of the Thames Gateway area progresses, demand for swifter links with the Jubilee line services will grow and TfL need to realise this. I have been urging them to plan ahead for this need, but they have failed to do so.”

Clive adds, “We do not benefit directly from being close to the underground in this part of London and TfL should also recognise this fact when they are allocating resources for new bus services.”