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Clive opens new ball park in Horn Park

Clive Efford opened the Horn Park sports area in Horn Park on Saturday 27 May 2006. Clive says, “This follows on from the Skateboard Park that we opened a few years ago. I believe that we need more of these types of play areas in our recreational parks. The floodlights will allow it to be used in winter.”

Young people often complain of having little to do and few places to play football and other games. They say that they can not use them in the dark and they risk getting their cloths stained playing in grassed areas. Horn Park estate has had problems with large groups of kids hanging around on street corners. Clive adds, “This will not solve all of the problems, but young people now have somewhere to go and at the same time get some healthy exercise.”

Plans are now going ahead with Charlton Athletic to use the new ball park to involve young people in sports activities.

A new young children’s play area has also been built together with a new fence for Horn Park School that backs on to the park.

The accompanying picture shows Clive cutting the ribbon to open the new ball park with Lynsey Richards, a cheerleader and Hannah Morris age 10.

He’s behind you!!!

Clive met up with Scooby Doo this Easter when he gave out prizes at the Eltham Easter Egg hunt in Eltham High Street.

The event is organised by the Town Centre Manager with help from High Street businesses who dontate all of the prizes.

Clive’s campaign pays off as new deal on Oyster cards means savings for local commuters

Clive Efford has welcomed the announcement from Ken Livingstone and new transport minister Douglas Alexander that London’s rail passengers will get the full benefit of Oyster cards.

Under the deal Transport for London will be pay for Oyster validation equipment to be provided for all London rail stations in zones 1-6.

Clive, who has raised this issue at the Transport Select Committee (pictured right), has been campaigning since last year to ensure that rail users in London are able to enjoy the same benefits as tube and bus users. Under the existing arrangements rail users are forced to pay a higher rate because rail stations are not equipped to deal with Oyster cards.

In the last six months Clive has raised this matter with government ministers, Transport for London and South East Trains. He has also highlighted the problem in the Transport Select Committee and to transport ministers in the House of Commons. Clive has outlined his concerns directly to Ken Livingstone when the Mayor met with executive members of the London group of Labour MPs.

Speaking after the deal was announced Clive said “This is great news for all of London’s rail users and particularly for those of us in South East London who do not have access to the London Underground. People in my constituency should be able to enjoy the lower fares offered by the Oyster card this year. I am delighted that the government and the Mayor have listened to those of us campaigning on this issue”.

New police teams launched for every ward

Every ward in the Borough will be covered by a police Safer Neighbourhood team from April 1 2006. Each team will be dedicated to policing its own local area. By the end of this year, all of the teams will be comprised of at least one police sergeant, two police constables and three police community support officers.

They will be based in the community – two of the teams have already established a base at the Co-Op in Westhorne Avenue. Being local means that they will get to know local people – and local troublemakers. Where they have been operating for some time, they have already helped bring crime levels down.

For details of your team, please click here.

Victory for local residents over future of the GAA ground

“Get the Gaelic Sports Ground back in use!” was the verdict of Clive Efford following the decision of the council last night to refuse to redisignate the land to allow it to be built on by developers.

Clive added, “We were placed in this position by the planning inspector who came to the conclusion that the land should be developed. There is no justification for this decision other than the land has been vacant for a long time. On this basis, any owner of open space can hold their land derelict ignore every approach to bring it back into use and then claim that these is no alternative other than to build on it. This not the way to make planning decisions.”

The land must be brought in to use as a sports ground and this issue will be finished for good.