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Clive condemns Israeli action and calls for immediate ceasefire

Clive Efford has signed a letter to the Guardian from several MPs to outline his horror at the Israeli action in Gaza and calling for the international community to intervene to bring about an immediate ceasefire.

The text to the letter was as follows:

Israel’s continuing massive military strikes on Gaza are an outrage that the international community must not allow to continue (Reports, 30 December). Palestinian rocket attacks that traumatise the lives of communities in southern Israel are also utterly unacceptable. Both sides must cease fire. Israel’s actions are disproportionate and counterproductive to achieving either security for the people of Israel or peace in the Middle East. Physicians for Human Rights (Israel) have warned that “targeting of civilians and of medical facilities is a breach of international humanitarian law. The targets chosen by the Israeli military include also clearly civilian installations.”

Gaza is one of the poorest and most densely populated places on Earth. For the past two years, the blockade and previous Israeli strikes had already disrupted electricity supplies and access to clean water. Even before the current attack, Gaza’s health system was near collapse. Hospitals are short of medicines, blood and essential equipment. Only half of Gaza’s 58 ambulances are functioning.

We call on the international community, and especially the high contracting parties to the Fourth Geneva convention, to intervene to stop the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Gaza. We call for an immediate ceasefire by all parties and for an embargo on the supply of military equipment to both sides. The international community must also assert unambiguously that there is no military route to peace in the Middle East and redouble its efforts to create a secure and independent state of Palestine alongside a secure and independent Israel.

Eltham Lights Up!

Thousands of people turned out in the cold to see Eltham’s lights being turned on by Clive Efford.

Pupils from local secondary and primary schools took part in a fantastic torch lit procession proudly displaying the displayed the lanterns they had made for the annual event.

Deansfield School choir got events underway and they were followed by a host of local singers and artists.

The event finished with a bang with a thrilling firework display.

Clive welcomes Post Office Card Account contract

Clive Efford has welcomed news that the government has decided to award a new contract for the continuation of Post Office Card Account directly to the Post Office. Continue reading

Community Space Challenge launched in Eltham

Community Space Challenge is a new national initiative which will massively transform areas from Devon to Newcastle. Continue reading

Victory as Clive gets his buses

Clive is celebrating victory after London Buses finally agreed to provide a direct bus route from Eltham to North Greenwich. The move has come after years of campaigning from Clive Efford and others. “Hundreds of people have contacted me over the years to express their dissatisfaction with public transport links to North Greenwich, whether they wanted to get to the shops the 02 or the underground station. Continue reading