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Clive introduces bill to eradicate hydrofluorocarbons from supermarket refrigeration

Clive Efford today launched a Bill in Parliament to end the use of hydrofluorocarbons—HFCs—in the refrigeration units of large supermarkets.

HFCs are having a devastating impact on global warming and supermarkets are responsible for more than half of all HFC emissions. Hydrofluorocarbons can be up to 20,000 times more harmful in terms of global warming than carbon dioxide. HFCs were introduced into widespread use chlorofluorocarbons—CFCs—were prohibited in the 1990s because of the damage they do to the ozone layer. Whilst HFCs do not harm the ozone layer, they are powerful global warming gases. Continue reading

Clive attends opening of new Demelza children’s hospice in Eltham

Clive joined former Olympic skate champions Jayne Torvill and Robin Cousins at the official opening of new Demelza Children’s Hospice in Eltham on the Tuesday 3rd June. Continue reading

Clive slams Planning Inspector’s Big Yellow decision

Clive slams planning inspector’s Big Yellow decision

Clive has expressed his disappointment and frustration at the decision to allow a Big Yellow self-storage warehouse at the Clifton’s Roundabout. “This is the wrong development in the wrong place at the wrong time” said Clive. Continue reading

Stop the international debt vultures

Clive Efford joins Jubilee Debt Campaign to ‘stop vulture funds’ profiteering from Third World debt.

Clive is supporting a bill going through Parliament to stop financial institutions from making multi-million pound profits out of the debts of some of the poorest countries in the world. Continue reading

A tribute to Frances Walker, 20 November 1939 to 7 April 2009

I knew Frances Walker for over twenty years as someone who dedicated themselves to helping their community. Whether as a children’s play leader, a carer for the council or as a long-standing member of the Horn Park Community Centre she was always passionate about helping everyone in Horn Park. Continue reading