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Clive calls for Mayor to build third crossing at Blackwall to end congestion nightmare

Clive is calling for a third crossing to be built alongside the existing Blackwall tunnels to end the congestion nightmare on the tunnel approach. Continue reading

Clive urges everyone to take the RNID hearing test online or over the phone

Clive Efford has joined RNID’s call for people to value their hearing and take the charity’s specially developed hearing check. Continue reading

Clive Efford unveils Wall of Art

Clive popped into Moatbridge School in Eltham Palace Road to unveil a new ‘Wall of Art’ that the pupils had helped design and produce.

“This is certainly going to brighten up the playground,” said Clive. “The levels of skill and imagination used by the children in producing this amazing piece of art is a credit to the school, teachers and of course the children who did so much to bring this about. My congratulations to everyone involved!”

Clive helps stop rain tax

Clive Efford today welcomed proposals to end unafordable charges for water services by the water regulator which would have hit community organisations like the Scouts. Continue reading

Clive Efford calls for urgent action over Avery Hill parking nightmare

Clive Efford calls for Greenwich University to withdraw a controversial parking charge for cars using its Avery Hill Campus. Continue reading