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Japanese Whaling Fleet Forced to Abandon attempts to Hunt Whales

Clive is delighted that the Japanese whaling fleet has been forced to abandon its attempts to hunt whales. Hunting Whales is banned under international law and the Japanese abused a loophole that allowed them to hunt on the basis of collecting scientific data. Coincidentally, the carcasses of these whales were sold for profit and ended up in the restaurants of Japan. Clive has been on whale watching holidays abroad and has been advised by experts on the behaviour of whales that there is nothing that is discovered from killing a whale that cannot be found out through tests carried out on pieces of skin that they shed found floating on the surface of the water. Continue reading

Local school children to come up with name for new community centre for the Page Estate

The new community centre that is being built on the Page estate will be named by children from Ealdham, Henwick and Haimo Schools. Continue reading

Clive calls for limited re-introduction of contra flow during Blackwall Tunnel repairs

Clive has asked Boris Johnson to look again at re-introducing the contraflow in the evenings when the Blackwall Tunnel is closed northbound each evening at 9.00pm. Clive is suggesting a 20mph speed limit or lower – enforced by cameras and other measures that would ensure that vehicles do not go above these speed levels”. Continue reading

Harriet Harman visits Storkway

The leader of the House of Commons today visited the Storkway Children’s centre on the Page Estate. Continue reading

Clive slams Southeastern for its “totally inadequate” service during cold spell

Clive slams Southeastern for its “totally inadequate” service during cold spell Continue reading