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Coldharbour walkabout

Coldharbour Walkabout Notes

14 September 2012

biggin hill june 2009_0077






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Horn Park Walkabout November 2012

Horn Park Walkabout

 November 2012








The flat roofs are being done in Gavestone Road and Simnel and many are finished

Concern about rubber seals on double glazed windows not being fitted properly, Tony Connell to look into.

Fence between Community Centre and front gardens of flats in Hengist is deteriorating.

BT manhole covers have been replaced with ugly orange grills that are bowing.

Bin requested for corner of Pastons and Hengist.

Spalding concrete on blocks in Gavestone.

12-21 Simnel Rd ceiling is bowed and needs replacing.  Hand rail on wall very loose.

Former walkway under the blocks in Simnel could make two flats and should be considered for development.

Redundant signpost on corner of Horncastle and Sibthorpe needs to be removed.  The fence there is broken down and needs repairing.

Bridge between Sibthorpe and Alwold not swept.  Mattresses have been dumped on to the embankment from the bridge and are in danger of falling onto the track.

Blocked gully outside in Alwold.

Pavement dangerous, lifted by tree route outside one property.

Westhorne Ave: a very loose paving stone.

Water leak on grass embankment in front of 188 Sibthorpe.

Notes from Middle Park Walkabout 2012

Middle Park Walkabout  23/11/12

Overhanging bushes cut back of Vista.

Refuse collectors across the Estate are not putting bins back outside people’s houses.  Sometimes left up the road or even on the other side.  Bins should be placed back where they are collected from and left neat.middle park walkabout nov 2012_0003 middle park walkabout nov 2012_0005

Two-wheel parking not resolved in Joan Crescent.

Local residents and services (police etc) want chicanes, not speed bumps; same as Kings’ Ground.

Middle Park currently being done by mobile teams; barrow beats are being introduced on the estate in next few weeks.

Areas around greens are not being swept properly. The new barrow system introduced after Christmas should pay attention to those areas. Stan and Tom will monitor.

Cut back bottom of trees where saplings grow causing refuse to become trapped.

Bridge over railway to Harmony Woods not cleaned – who is responsible? Network Rail say they pay RBG to do it.  RBG say not true.

A new team is being introduced to deal with untidy gardens.

Water leak at campfield, corner of Gregory.

Temporary repair to junction ‘manhole cover’ needs permanent solution; been done several times.

Green at New Market Green not litter picked before cutting.

Bollards missing in front of green.

Bollard missing Middle Park Avenue in front of Joan Crescent.

Joan Crescent pathway – leaves swept but not picked up.

Metal posts need checking – several are not deep enough in the ground and are falling over.
Gully blocked at bottom of path near to 74 Joan Crescent been marked to be cleared in summer but not done.

Metal bar across top missing at entrance to park near to Number 11 Joan Crescent.

Help save our local NHS

IMG_0120Nearly three hundred people turned up listen to the borough’s three MPs give their reactions to proposals from the Government-appointed Trust Special Administrator’s proposals for our local health services.

The government has placed the Administrator directly in control of our local hospitals and he is charged with reconfiguring local services to deal with the budget deficit in our healthcare trust. Clive told the meeting that he was opposed to the whole way that this process has been imposed on our local Trust, the South London NHS Healthcare Trust (SLHT) which was responsible for managing our local hospitals, Princess Royal in Bromley, Queen Elizabeth in Woolwich and Queen Marys in Sidcup .  This trust had only been established in 2009 and it was already implementing its own long-term plans to deal with the deficit.

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Clive calls for life-saving skills to be taught in schools

Eltham MP Clive Efford has stepped into the shoes of Hollywood hard man Vinnie Jones to show his support for a charity’s campaign to get life-saving skills taught as standard on the secondary curriculum. Continue reading