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Clive calls for tougher penalties for shops selling alcohol to underage drinkers

Clive Efford has called for tougher action to be taken against shops found selling alcohol to under-age drinkers.

Clive explained “Currently the minimum fine that a court can impose is £5,000 However, on-the-spot fines of as little as £90 can be issued to shop owners who have been caught selling alcohol to under-age drinkers without the case going to court. This is little more than a slap on the wrist. I would like to see the on-the-spot fine raised to £2,000. Shop keepers could then choose to challenge this by taking the matter to court, where they would risk having a more substantial fine imposed if they were found guilty.”

“Shops that sell drink to those underage are a menace to our community as they are helping fuel antisocial behaviour.”

Clive raised his concerns in Parliament recently and is following the matter up with the minister responsible.

Eltham Centre on track

Clive was delighted to see the enormous progress that has been made in the last few months in the construction of the new Eltham Centre. The steel structure is now in place and work is on schedule to open next year.

“I was delighted to see how much work has been done on the site,” said Clive. “This is the most exciting development in our town centre for many years.”

Clive has been campaigning for twelve years for a replacement for Eltham Pools. It has always been clear that even with refurbishment, Eltham Pools would not meet modern standards.

The artist’s impressions shown to the right give some idea of the view from Archery Road and the atrium where visitors will first enter the building.

The new eight lane main pool will be competition standard which means it will be a venue for accredited swimming galas that currently cannot be held at Eltham Pools. Greenwich Community College has also invested in the scheme and will occupy two floors in the new building. The library will also get a £1.7 million refurbishment and the centre will be a one-stop-shop for council services.

The town centre location was chosen by local people following an extensive consultation. It will be easily accessible by all members of the community, even those without a car.

Clive supports Macmillan Nurses coffee morning

Clive popped into the Eltham Park Baptist Friendship Centre in Glenure Road for a cup of coffee to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The charity are aiming to raise over £7 million nationally through organising ‘the biggest coffee morning on the world’ in venues up and down the country.

Clive explained “Everyone is affected directly or indirectly by cancer. An event like this gives us all the chance to do something about it. Macmillan Cancer Support is a wonderful organisation, providing practical, medical, emotional and financial support for anyone suffering from cancer. I would like to congratulate the organisers of this event for their hard work in supporting this extremely worthwhile cause.

If you want to find out more about Macmillan Cancer Support, then click here.

Clive helps open the new Eglinton Children’s centre

Eglinton Children’s Centre opened on 22 September at Eglinton Primary School in Paget Rise.

Speaking aftger the opening Clive said “I am delighted that these centres are opening across my constituency. We are now able to provide quality childcare to the Borough’s families.”

Services available include a Play and Stay session so parents and childminders can participate in activities with their children and have the opportunity to meet with health specialists.

Council services such as the Early Years Librarian and the Children’s Information Service will also be available, along with a range of support services in language and psychology.

Parents can benefit from advice on training and employment opportunities, along with the ability to access courses at the Centre.

Clive on walkabout in Eaglesfield Park

Clive met with local residents, local police officers and council officers on a walkabout in Eaglesfield Park.The walkabout was arranged by local resident Jenny Penn, a member of the Eaglesfield Park Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Also present were members of Friends of Eaglesfield Park.

“We looked at ways of improving communication between all the various groups represented” explained Clive. “Residents have been working hard to ensure that the Park remains as attractive as it looked today. The park is one of the most beautiful in the Borough with fantastic views across Kent. Local residents are keen to ensure that the park is enjoyed and respected by all members of the community. I think the walkabout was extremely useful in ensuring that all of the agencies involved work together to ensure that we bring improvements to the Park and tackle any problems swiftly.”