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Clive takes his global warming presentation to Henwick

Clive visited Henwick School on the Page Estate to talk about the dangers of global warming. Clive has produced a computer presentation which explores some of the causes of and possible solutions to climate change.

Clive has now given his presentation to most of the schools in and around his constituency.

“I have been very impressed with the knowledge that the children in our schools already have on this vital issue. They quite rightly want to know what politicians like me are doing about climate change.”

The government is shortly to produce a draft of its Climate Change Bill.

“I want people in Eltham and Plumstead to have their say in what should be in the government’s Climate Change Bill. The Bill will be one of the most important pieces of legislation introduced in Parliament for many years. It will be published soon and the government is going to allow a time for people to comment upon it.”

“I want to encourage as many people as possible to participate in these discussions.

“I have had numerous meetings with the environment minister David Miliband to discuss the Bill. I want to include your views in future discussions, so please get in touch. Whether or not we agree on the best way forward, your views are important and will become part of the consultation process.”

Click here to get in touch to let me know what you think.”

Crossrail comes to Woolwich

Clive has welcomed confirmation from the Government that the new Crossrail line will stop at Woolwich.

There had been doubts that a Woolwich station would be included in the scheme, but after pressure from Greenwich Council and the three local MPs, Clive, Nick Raynsford and John Austin the government decided that the station would be included. Under the plans drawn up by the Council, Berkley Homes will build and pay for the structure.

Clive welcomed the announcement, saying: “This is something we have all been working towards for a long time. Woolwich will become a major transport hub for this part of London. It is already served by 54 buses per hour linking it with many areas in my constituency including: Eltham, Plumstead, Shooters Hill and Kidbrooke. The Docklands Light Railway is already on its way to Woolwich. This is not just a boost for people who commute into work across London. Holiday makers will also be able to use the Crossrail station to get a train from Woolwich direct to Heathrow.”

“I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the campaign. It has been an excellent example of local government leading a campaign with the full backing of local residents and the business community.”

Demelza unveils plans for south London’s first residential children’s hospice

Clive joined Charlton manger Alan Pardew at Eltham Palace to unveil new plans for a £6.5 million residential children’s hospice in Wensley Close in Eltham.

The event also marked the official start of the Capital Appeal to raise funds for this vital new service for children and families in the area.

There are an estimated 1700 children with life-limiting illnesses within the area that Demelza cover and 780 are in the South London area alone.

The Capital Appeal will be asking for fund raising support from all areas of the South London community. Demelza relies almost entirely on fundraising and with the services already provided costing over £7,000 a day, extending those services will need the help of local companies, local groups and the individuals in the community.

Anyone wanting to get involved in the project should contact the Capital Appeal Office at 1 Wensley Close, London, SE9 5AB T: 0208 859 7766 or visit Demelza’s website by clicking here.

Clive backs law to tackle mini-motorbike problem

Clive is one of the sponsoring the Off-Road Vehicles (Registration) Bill which has been tabled by Graham Stringer MP.

The Bill calls for a registration scheme to be introduced for mini motorcycles, trikes and quads.

Speaking after the Bill passed its second reading, Clive explained: “The nuisance caused by these vehicles – and especially the mini motorbikes – has grown enormously over the last five years. According to the Home Office, complaints about these machines account for 40 per cent. of all complaints made nationally about antisocial behaviour.

Most sadly, these bikes are responsible for one death a month either to pedestrians and other road users or to the riders themselves.”

The current law does not give the police the powers to deal with this problem effectively.

A registration scheme that requires those bikes to have a number on them, so that failure to register and number the bike means its immediate removal and destruction, is a tool that will give the police powers to deal with the problem without delay.

The Bill would mean that the current system of registration for vehicles on the road be extended to off-road vehicles meaning that the machine and its keeper were required to be registered at the time of sale.

The Bill would require the manufacturers to put registration marks on the machines. It would also give police officers the right, if they have due cause, to stop a bike without warning and if it does not comply with registration measures take it away and squash it.

Speaking on the debate in Parliament Clive explained: “People who live near every green space in my constituency, including Eltham Park, Middle Park, Horn Park, Shooters Hill Park, Eaglesfield Park, Plumstead Common, the Course, and Woodlands Farm, face a problem with the bikes week in, week out.”

The problem has grown as the number of mini motorbikes imported into the UK has grown. The number has rocketed from 7,000 in 2001 to 144,000 in 2005.

“A registration scheme that requires those bikes to have a number on them, so that failure to register and number the bike means its immediate removal and destruction, is a tool that will give the police powers to deal with the problem without delay.” Clive told Parliament.

Clive sponsors Bill to give police power to tackle mini motorbike problem

Clive Efford (Eltham) (Lab): I, too, commend my hon. Friend the Member for Manchester, Blackley (Graham Stringer) for promoting the Bill. I am pleased to sponsor it. Continue reading