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Kanta Patel

Clive Efford MP is extremely shocked and saddened by the death of his friend Councillor Kanta Patel. Clive has known Kanta for over 25 years and has worked closely with her when he was a Greenwich Councillor and as Eltham MP. Continue reading

Montbelle School exhibition

Clive visited Montbelle School to see their exhibition of their year’s work.

“The quality of the work shown here is breathtaking”, said Clive. The children have learnt about the history of everyone from the Egyptians to the Beatles. The art work is beautiful as are many of the items made by the children.”

“Having spoken to children at the school about their work I was impressed by the way that they were proud not only of their own work but also that of all the other children. This exhibition is a great tribute to the school’s head teacher, the teachers, the governors, the parents, but above all to the children.”

Health minister Ben Bradshaw visits Garland Road Clinic

Health Minister Ben Bradshaw today visited the new Garland Road Clinic to see for himself the state-of-the-art facilities at the health centre. The new Clinic provides a wide range of services. It houses a GP’s surgery; a podiatry service; a dental surgery; as well as a midwifery service and baby clinic.

Ben was invited to the Clinic by Clive Efford and the two met with staff and patients using the new clinic. “It was a wonderful experience on the week of 60th birthday of the NHS to see these fantastic new facilities and to hear such positive comments from the most important people – the patients” said Clive.

Clive holds coffee mornings in Shooters Hill

Clive likes to be as accessible to local people as possible. That is why he holds events such as walkabouts and coffee mornings.

“I really enjoy doing the coffee mornings”, explains Clive. “We book a hall, organise tea, coffee, juices and biscuits and then invite local people to come along and have a chat. It gives me the opportunity to meet with residents in an informal setting to talk about whatever issues they raise.”

Clive will be organising more coffee mornings in the near future so look out for the initiation through your door.

Clive organises rescue of Samuel Montague Youth Club

Clive has been working over the last two years to put together a team of people to save Samuel Montague Youth Club. The Youth Club had been an independent trust since it opened. It was funded from the profits from an investment, but this had gradually eroded over many years until there was not enough coming in to cover the bills. Continue reading