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Clive Efford MP strikes a ‘whale tail’ pose for whales and urges constituents to do the same

Clive Efford has shown his support for whales by striking a ‘whale-tail’ pose with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

Clive was taking part in IFAW’s ‘Tails for Whales’ photo art project, which has been launched to raise awareness of the need for greater whale protection. IFAW is encouraging people from all walks of life to be photographed making the whale tail hands symbol. Model and presenter Twiggy and comedienne Jo Brand are among celebrities taking part and this week more than 70 MPs also struck a whale-tail pose for whales. Continue reading

Clive calls for urgent debate after BBC refuses to show Gaza appeal

Clive intervened in Parliament today to call for a debate on the floor of the House of Commons on the BBC’s decision to refuse to show the Disasters Emergency Committee’s appeal for aid to address the humanitarian crisis left in the wake of the Israeli invasion of Gaza. Continue reading

Heathrow must have toughest environmental safeguards in the world

Everyone in southeast London will welcome the decision to refuse permission for Heathrow to operate mixed-mode take off and landing. Mixed mode would have meant that planes would have been flying at lower altitudes across London which would have meant more aircraft noise for people in Greenwich. Continue reading

Clive calls for Heathrow to have the highest environmental standards in the world

Clive Efford (Eltham, Labour): Almost all the people who contacted me about today’s debate believed that it was about climate change and the impact on it that airport expansion has, not just at Heathrow, but in general. However, we are talking about an early-day motion in the name of my hon. Friend Mr. Grogan that the Conservatives adopted to entice as many hon. Members as possible to follow them into the voting Lobby. The idea was that Members would feel duty-bound to do so because they signed that early-day motion, believing that that was the right thing to do. It is a mere device not just to bring the issue to the Floor of the House, as some people have suggested was the intention, but to use it as a political football. Continue reading

Clive gets his bus to North Greenwich

Clive Efford has welcomed the extension of the 132 bus route from Eltham Station to North Greenwich Station . Continue reading