Clive goes walkabout in Coldharbour

Clive recently held a walkabout in Coldharbour Estate with local residents and council officers who wanted to see improvements to the local environment.  Below are some of the notes taken from the walkabout which have been sent to the Council.  Their response will be posted onto the website as soon as they are available.  Some points raised at the walkabout which involved specific private addresses have been deleted from this version to protect people’s confidentiality.


William Barefoot Drive in front of The Mound pavements need repairing

Leverholme – Dust lorry cannot get through due to parked cars at corner of Jason Walk. May need yellow lines at the junction.

Sandling Rise – cars parked on pavements

Youths loitering at rear of The Mound

  • Complaint that SNT are not responding to concerns

Sandling Rise blocks – gutters blocked

  • Pigeons are a nuisance. Anti-pigeon spikes are broken

William Barefoot Drive – Nisa shop – pavements damaged

  • Litter around shop

No pedestrian phase on lights from garage to Burger King

Some residents have asked for a 20 mph speed limit on estate

Dog bin on Partridge Green

Cleaning to The Mound – should be swept twice a day

Jason Walk – shin rails damaged. Need replacing.

Leverholme – pavement has sunk causing a trip hazard and collects puddles

Pavements Biddenden near junction of The Knole

26 Biddenden guttering should be repaired

17-23 Tiles fallen down from roof

Ridge tile broken

Planters rear of The Mound

  • Wall damaged brick removed
  • Trip hazard around yellow Gas Valve

Graffiti on sign No.54-73

Kerbstone broken corner of Sandling rear of The Mound

Hedge corner Littlemede and Kingsleywood Drive

Littlemede 3 years ago resurfacing promised – not done

Dangerous junction Wynford Way/Littlemede

  • Traffic needs to slow down

Swing park – frog removed 2 years ago

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