Strongbow Walkabout, June 2014

Clive and the local councillors Wynn Davis and Linda Bird met with local residents in Strongbow Crescent and Road. Below is a copy of the notes taken from that walkabout. Addresses have been removed from this version to protect anonymity. We will be coming back to Strongbow to check progress on these issues.
strongbow walkabout June 2014009

Notes from Walkabout in Strongbow Crescent & Road 27th June 2014

• The covers of the street lights in the block are discoloured, causing the lighting to be very dim.

• Laundry building – drain covers – are constantly blocked with leaves etc.

• All the street lighting around the block needs renewing. Also in Kings Butt, a narrow pathway linking the Estate to Well Hall Road, the trees are blocking the light around the lamp making the path unsafe

• Dog enforcement. Can we get stencils around the crescent please?

• Rose bed in front of flats in Strongbow Road needs urgent weeding. Previously the council used a weed spray on another adjacent block which killed the roses and the bed had to be grassed over – and the wall is chipped and broken

• Large trees in rear of gardens in Well Hall Road need pruning

• Blocked drains – pathway from Dobell; outside

• Garages are flooding

• Opposite 111 the drains are raised so the road puddles up

• Parking permits for nurses and carers needed

• Trip hazard pavement outside

• Bush in front garden in Strongbow Crescent needs cutting back

• A leaking roof in Strongbow Crescent, wants rent reduction for compensation

• Tree in front garden is overhanging path

• Gutters blocked above the low rise blocks Strongbow Road

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