Clive opens new ‘Freedom Climber’ at Charlton Park Academy

Photo Courtesy of Charlton Park Academy

Charlton Park Academy’s new ‘Freedom Climber’ was officially opened by Clive on the 27th June 2013.

The ‘Freedom Climber’ is a rotating climbing wall that provides the physical challenges and the exercise benefits of continuous climbing in a safe, low level environment.

Freedom Climber

Clive also attended the schools sports day and spoke with PE staff about the innovative work they are doing to engage pupils in sport and physical activity.

Commenting after the event, Clive said:

“I was delighted to open the new Freedom Climber at Charlton Park Academy and was extremely impressed by the innovative way staff made use of exercise equipment to meet the needs of the school’s pupils.”

“I have no doubt that they will make great use of this fantastic piece of equipment.”

(Photos Courtesy of Charlton Park Academy)

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