Clive angry at yet more delays for parking controls

Clive has reacted angrily to news that Bexley Council have launched yet another objection to the newly revised proposals for a controlled parking zone stretching from Avery Hill to Eltham Heights around

The new proposal left much of the Avery Hill Estate outside of the CPZ which is needed to curb parking by students attending the Avery Hill campus and for commuters parking near Falconwood station.  Yet even so Bexley have complained about the scheme which will mean even more delay for local residents.   “I am worried that the Avery Hill Estate will become even more congested under this scheme” Clive explained as it will be the only local area without any parking controls.  “But one advantage was that surely Bexley could not object as the parking controls were this time were so reduced.  Yet once again they have scuppered our attempts to solve this problem by lodging yet another objection.  I have been working for over 3 and a half years to find a solution to this problem.  Meanwhile local residents are expected to carry on living in a car park as Bexley veto any attempt to help them.”



“I am delighted that Greenwich has now referred this matter to the Mayor for London who has responsibility for solving problems like this.  I hope that Boris will finally now do the job he was elected to and sort this situation out so that my residents can have their streets back ”

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