The Dutch House team up with a Porcupine

Campaigners working to save the Dutch House in Sidcup Road have joined up with protesters opposing Lidl’s plans to bulldoze the Porcupine pub in Mottingham Village. Although many of the Porcupine’s customers live in Clive’s Eltham seat the pub is actually in Bob Neil’s Bromley constituency.

Dutch House and pocupine rally 16 May 2013_0016

Speaking outside the Porcupine to demonstrators from both campaigns, Clive called on the planning system to do more recognise the unique community roles that pubs like the Dutch House and the Porcupine play in their local areas. Pubs are important social hubs; a gathering place when people can talk and socialize. It cannot be right that a vital local amenity like this can be bulldozed without any consultation with local people.

porcupine and clive and bob neil

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