PRESS RELEASE – Fifa ethics committee report

In response to the report of the Chair of the Fifa Ethics committee Chairman Mr Hans-Joachim Eckert, Clive Efford MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Sport, said:

“Fifa will always remain under suspicion of corruption at the very top of the organisation unless there is an entirely independent investigation into the payments relating to the ISL contract. 

 We can only conclude from the fact that no one in Fifa questioned why a major TV contractor paid £1 million to President Havelange that it was commonplace for backhanders to be accepted by high ranking officials within the organisation.  The £1 million was paid Havelange c/o Fifa, Fifa acted like a clearing bank and simply passed the money on with no questions asked. 

It is extremely disappointing to see these people lining their pockets when volunteers that run grassroots clubs are desperate for funds.  The culprits must be identified and hounded out of our game.”

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