Coldharbour walkabout

Coldharbour Walkabout Notes

14 September 2012

biggin hill june 2009_0077






Witherston Way,

  • Bins needed near to the entrance to the school
  • Bench halfway between Mound and new supermarket needed by people walking to the shop.  It is often dirty covered in sticky drinks.
  • Grasscrete blocks installed on corner of Witherston and  Wynford Way need to be filled with soil and seeded.
  • Grasscrete blocks needed on corner of Underwood of Witherston

Partridge Green grass area not litter picked before the grass was mown.

Altash Way tree growing on school land overhanging pavement.

Corner of Chapple Farm Rd and Mottingham Road pavement needs repairing.

Mottingham Road

  • Junction with slip road, No Entry sign needs turning to face oncoming traffic.
  • Cars are parking too close to the junction of Mottingham Road and the slip road and are blocking the views of those trying to come onto Mottingham Road.
  •  Gardens front and back overgrown.  Overhanging pavement at front.
  • Soffit boards missing at the rear.  They were taken down due to fire in next-door property.

Kingsley Wood Drive Hedge overhanging pavement next to No 2.

Southwood Road Park Drug dealing at 7.00pm each evening near the entrance.

William Barefoot Drive, door rear of Neighbourhood Office needs replacing.

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