Clive calls for life-saving skills to be taught in schools

Eltham MP Clive Efford has stepped into the shoes of Hollywood hard man Vinnie Jones to show his support for a charity’s campaign to get life-saving skills taught as standard on the secondary curriculum.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) want to see Emergency Life Support skills taught in secondary school classrooms across England. They are calling on the Government to include life-saving skills as a mandatory part of the school curriculum to ensure all students are taught the skills which would help save a life.

Clive Efford MP said: “In a week when Vinnie Jones is back on our screens teaching people what to do in an emergency, it’s only fitting that we turn our attention to England’s schoolchildren.

“Stepping in and helping to save someone’s life in an emergency shouldn’t just be left to the hard men. By teaching life-saving skills in schools, we could put hundreds of thousands of new life-savers on the streets each year.”

People can find more information about the campaign at

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