Clive welcomes TfL statement on local bus routes

Clive wants double deckers to cope with growing demand for 132

Clive has welcomed news that Transport for London are looking at introducing double deck buses on the 132 route on a permanent basis as demand for the service continues to grow.

Clive had written to TfL to ask that the route, which had been converted to double deckers for the duration of the Olympics, be converted permanently.

“Quite often I have been waiting for the 132 at North Greenwich only for the bus to become full before all of the passengers have got on.  Making the buses double decked would be the easiest and most cost-effective way of increasing capacity.”

“When I was campaigning for this service it took a long time to convince London Transport that there would be sufficient demand.  I am pleased therefore that TfL has accepted that the demand is now so great that it is exceeding the route’s capacity.”

Clive has also received confirmation from TfL that they are investigating ways to improve transport links to the north of the Borough for Kidbrooke following the regeneration programme.  Clive had recommended to TfL that they reroute the B16 to North Greenwich from Kidbrooke.  “Such a route” explained Clive, “would provide an important link for residents of the new Kidbrooke regeneration area where several hundred properties are already occupied and thousands more will be completed in the next few years.  This area has poor transport links to the north of the borough of Greenwich and this extension would provide a direct link to important transport hub.”

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