Clive attends the Grand Opening of the new nursery at Wybourne Primary School

Clive along with the Mayor of Greenwich, local residents and parents of the children at the school attended the grand opening of the new Nursery at Wybourne primary school.The ceremonial cutting of the ribbon was done by the family of Sue Laker, A former teacher at the school whom the new building has been named after.

Clive said on attending the opening of the nursery that:

“Wybourne is a brilliant school that I have had the pleasure to visit many times; I am glad that Wybourne has been able to build this new facility and I know that the school will make excellent use of it.”

“I was able to speak with parents, staff and those involved in the construction of the nursery and I know that they are as pleased about the new nursery as I am, I look forward to seeing the nursery in action in the near future.”

To find out more about Wybourne Primary School visit:

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