Avery Hill Walkabout Notes 28/10/2011

Ospringe – a recent fire in the bin cupboard created a lot of smoke which came up the chutes to every floor. Yet no smoke alarms went off. There are none in the communal areas and none of the domestic alarms went off. Why are there no communal alarms and why did the others fail to respond the smoke.

Anstridge – Hedge overgrowing pavement.

Greenwich University – old hockey pitches were covered some years ago but not now used. Can it be used for parking.

Restons Crescent the gulley is clogged

Hambledown – Hedge badly overgrown. Resident may need assistance.

Check sewer pipes under the junction of Hambledown and Greenhithe. Residents are concerned that tree roots have grown into the pipes and will cause problems when new homes are built.

Can we squeeze more car parking spaces into the scheme with crossovers built for 2 and 4 beside the green.

Staggered entrance to Days Lane to stop motorbikes speeding through the gap as they do now into Days Lane.

The pavement outside XX Greenhithe is badly smashed

Whistlers Close – Shin rail missing by X and X.

Whistlers Grove External light knocked off wall; positioned too low?

Corner Radfield and Southspring – check ownership of corner plots.

Garages at end of Southspring broken and overgrown.

Linsted Court in Restons Crescent – the new fence has been pushed down.

Linsted Ct: Door lock broken. Lift not stopping at level of top floor causing a trip azard. New chute cover coming off wall below no. X and tiles missing on stairs at no. X.

Road needs repairing outside block.

Sign broken off wall 0f X-XX and XX-XX.

Landing XX and XX edges of tiles missing an around door to XX.

Tiles outside XX missing.

Hole coal cover next to XX

Window needs replacing on landing above XX.

Front door needs cleaning.

XX Linsted Ct Mr X, Been flooded several times.

Baby swing missing in park between Thannington and Linsted.

Thannington – flue dripping from flat (no XX or XX)

Dogs fouling front of green of block.

Concrete wall – Cap lying of grass needs to be reinstated.

Complaints that Restons Crescent is not swept enough.

Oak tree opposite Thannington needs cutting back. Seems to have several dead branches.

Matress left in front garden for several months

Rainham – weeds on pavement need to be cleared; hedge next to Tynham needs cutting back.

Alderwood: needs bollards to protect grass from parking.

Cable cover in pavement next to Darland House is a trip hazard because the pavement seems to have dropped.

Bexley flats – doors to landings are not locking; metal plate on door breast bent and risking someone catching their hand or eye. Window smashed on landing. Flooring lifting on bottom of stairs. Door locks not working. Both blocks need internal decorations.

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