Clive argues for a voice for Plumstead

Clive Efford MP is at the Boundary Commission’s public hearing in Lewisham Town Hall today to press for Plumstead to be united in one constituency. Under the draft proposals drawn up by the Commission, Plumstead will be split between two constituencies. Clive has launched his own set of community-based proposals for the area which would unite Plumstead in a new constituency to be called Eltham and Plumstead.“Plumstead has a long history going back over a thousand years and is mentioned in the Domesday Book. For too long the three wards that make up the Plumstead Community – Glyndon, Shooters Hill and Plumstead have been divided into different constituencies. I want to give Plumstead a voice by uniting them in a Parliamentary Seat which will be called Eltham and Plumstead.”

Clive has put forward amendments to the Commission’s draft proposals. “Our proposals would unite local communities. Under the Commissions draft my seat would be made up of Eltham, with a bit of Plumstead, a bit of Charlton a bit of Welling, and a bit Blackfen. Under our proposals these distinct communities communities would be united.”

Under our proposals the new seat of Eltham and Plumstead would contain the following wards: Eltham North, Eltham West, Eltham South Middle Park and Sucliffe, Coldharbour and New Eltham, Shooters Hill, Plumstead,and Glyndon.

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