Coldharbour Walkabout Notes 14/10/2011

The Mound:

Entrance XX-XX, pigeons over the door.
Outside square needs sweeping.
Mound Dentist, source of water leak needs to be identified and stopped.
Mound Pop In: Need to start conversation about future use.

Rear of Mound:
Cable TV or phone box on wall needs a cover.
Gaps opening up between paving slabs.

Buckler Gardens: Needs a new No Ball sign.

Mottingham Road:
Yellow lines needed near exit of slip road by XXX Mottingham Road.
Buddleia in front of XXX Mottingham Road.
Gulley needs cleaning outside XXX Mottingham Road.
Disabled tenant at XXX Mottingham Road needs help disposing of trees which were felled at the Council’s request.
XXX has very large conifers in garden which ids very overgrown.

Brookes Close:
Hole in the ceiling above lift on second floor.

Pavement outside number X badly damaged

Nisa Shop:
No railing near the top of the steps outside the main door and rubbish on street outside.

Junction of Littlemead and Wynford Way:
Can the corners be built up to help stop cars speeding around corners.
Road needs resurfacing.

Public Transport:
Can the first 314 buses be brought forward so that it can be in time for the first trains at Elmstead and Eltham.

Kingsley Wood Drive
XX bush in front garden overhanging pavement.
XX Holy bush in front garden overhanging pavement.
Weeds outside number XX

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