Middle Park Walkabout Notes 24/06/2011

Notes on Middle Park Walkabout on Friday 24th June 2011

1.Parking in Churchbury – emergency vehicles

Campfield Road – cars parking on the pavement with no space for a pushchair to pass

Can we repaint the white boxes to stop cars blocking the pavement?

2. Local people want chicanes on Middle Park Avenue – not speed humps. Why didn’t the council do as local people asked? Richard Cornell – Transport

3. Churchbury pan not swept regularly
– Needs litter picking
– Use brooms. Standard of sweeping is not acceptable
– Pay Back team had to clean King John’s Field because it had been left to get so bad.

4. Reports of drug dealing in Churchbury Road from cars and motorbikes

5. Can we renew dog fouling stencils?

6. Cars driving the wrong way along one way streets

7. Overgrown hedges are a problem across the estate

8. Tenants should have insurance to cover costs of leaks for other residents

9. Illegal structure being used as a car repairs

10. Campfield Road
– pavement uneven over driveway
– furniture left on pathway not removed for over 2 weeks
– hedge overgrown pavement
– bush overgrowing pathway
– hedge overgrown pavement
– cars reverse up the road

11. Old GPO cover corner of Gregory Crescent and Middle Park Avenue broken – needs replacing

12. Bollard been removed by resident outside XXX Middle Park Avenue

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