Japanese Whaling Fleet Forced to Abandon attempts to Hunt Whales

Clive is delighted that the Japanese whaling fleet has been forced to abandon its attempts to hunt whales. Hunting Whales is banned under international law and the Japanese abused a loophole that allowed them to hunt on the basis of collecting scientific data. Coincidentally, the carcasses of these whales were sold for profit and ended up in the restaurants of Japan. Clive has been on whale watching holidays abroad and has been advised by experts on the behaviour of whales that there is nothing that is discovered from killing a whale that cannot be found out through tests carried out on pieces of skin that they shed found floating on the surface of the water.

Clive has been a lifelong supporter of the campaign against the hunting of whales and he says, “Whales are warm blooded mammals like ourselves and like all of the domestic animals we raise to provide food. The difference though, is we do not hunt cows, sheep and pigs by firing a harpoon into them and drag them into the back of a mobile abattoir to cut up. If we did we would be quite rightly in breach of the law and I do not understand why we allow this to continue when it comes to the protection of Whales.”

In 2007 Clive adopted a hump back whale called Coda in partnership with IFAW to draw attention to the horrors of whale hunting.

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