Horn Park Walkabout Notes 26/11/2010

(1) B16 (B15??) times erratic – need shelter by green
– Clive to write to TfL

(2) Blocks in Simnel and Gavestone will be painted by Christmas

(3) Roof leaks Simnel – estimates received; bid for funding yet identified – gone forward 2011/12
– repairs have been carried out. Being checked.

(4) Litter bin corner Hengist & Sibthorpe

(5) Paint poles around parking bays GLY team

(6) Lights on bridge between Sibthorpe and Alwold not working

2 responses to “Horn Park Walkabout Notes 26/11/2010

  1. vicki ribbands

    benches on all grass areas on alnwick road would be nice please

    bench or shelter at all b15 bus stops

    lighting needed in park as its dangerous

  2. Clive Efford

    Hi Vicki,

    Thank you for your comment, I will ensure we look into these issues on the next walkabout.

    If you would like to attend the next walkabout please send me an email with your contact details.


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