Clive slams Southeastern for its “totally inadequate” service during cold spell

Clive slams Southeastern for its “totally inadequate” service during cold spell

Eltham MP Clive Efford has slammed Southeastern Rail for the appalling service it has offered hard-pressed commuters during the recent cold spell.

The reduced service offered by Southeastern means that the last train from Charing Cross to Dartford via Bexleyheath with serves Eltham station leaves at 20:32. The last train that leaves Charing Cross for New Eltham on the Sidcup Line leaves at 19:56.

In a letter to Lord Adonis, the transport minister, Clive asked “How can this be justified?…A complete cancellation of services before 9pm is not acceptable.”

London Underground and the DLR are able to run a much fuller surface and both of these run above the surface on a significant part of their routes, but Southeastern seemed to have abandoned any notion of providing a reliable or practical service to its customers.

“The platform at Eltham is packed at rush hour” Clive went on, “I had to let two trains go the other morning because there was no room and the platform did not look like it had been gritted making the service potentially dangerous.

Clive has also written to the Transport Select Committee asking them to look into the response of all of the Train Operating Customers and Southeastern in particular.

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