Clive urges everyone to take the RNID hearing test online or over the phone

Clive Efford has joined RNID’s call for people to value their hearing and take the charity’s specially developed hearing check.

Clive Efford took RNID’s five-minute hearing check, which assesses your ability to hear someone speaking with background noise – similar to being in a crowded room – and helps identify whether you have a hearing loss.

Clive says: “Many people don’t realise how important their hearing is in their everyday lives, until they start to lose it. I’m lending my voice to RNID’s Hearing Matters campaign, which is encouraging you to look after your hearing by visiting or dialling 0844 800 3838 and take immediate action to avoid experiencing unnecessary isolation from friends, family and colleagues.”

RNID’s Chief Executive, Jackie Ballard, says: “On average, people take 15 years to deal with their hearing loss and, in that time, a person’s quality of life can be greatly reduced. We urge people in Eltham to follow Clive Efford’s example and take our check today, so that you can start addressing any hearing loss and ensure you don’t miss out on leading a fulfilling and active life.”

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