Clive helps stop rain tax

Clive Efford today welcomed proposals to end unafordable charges for water services by the water regulator which would have hit community organisations like the Scouts.

Clive met with scout leaders earlier this year to discuss the problem with them. He then raised the matter with the government minister responsible. He was delighted to receive assurances from Hilary Benn, Secretary of State for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs planned to bring in amendments to the forthcoming Draft Floods and Water Bill to enable water companies to offer concessionary tariffs to community and voluntary groups.

Clive also met with scouts and scout leaders at a special reception at the Labour party conference. “It was great to meet first hand scouts from across the UK and to hear about the impact Scouting has on their lives. They told me how Ofwat’s rain tax was a source of real concern to them and thousands of other local community and voluntary groups. That’s why today I’m delighted that the minister has taken this action.”

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