Clive Efford calls for urgent action over Avery Hill parking nightmare

Clive Efford calls for Greenwich University to withdraw a controversial parking charge for cars using its Avery Hill Campus.


The charge was imposed over the summer and residents of the nearby Avery Hill Estate h

ave suddenly found their streets clogged by displaced cars from the Campus. The problem has been exacerbated by an extra 300 students being based at the Campus this year.

After being contacted by outraged local residents Clive has contacted the University to demand that the new charges be withdrawn immediately so that parking across the area can be looked at. “The University tell me that they want to cut the numbers of cars using the campus. But these charges do not achieve this at all. Instead they are simply dumping the problem onto local residents and that is simply not acceptable”.

Cars are now being parked irresponsibly on the Estate. “I have been down to the Estate today to see the situation for myself. I am extremely concerned at the way that cars are parking on the corners of junctions. This could make it impossible for emergency vehicles to access the Estate in emergencies. I have spoken to the police and have asked them to take action to keep the roads clear for ambulances and fire engines.”

Once the charges have been removed Clive would like to take a look at parking across the whole area. “It may be necessary to introduce a residents’ parking scheme similar to the one that operates in New Eltham. If so, it should done at the University’s expense and not local residents. Any measures must be subject to full consultation with local people.”

Clive is also extremely concerned about the shops in the parade on Bexley Road. He has now been in visited each of the businesses and is working with the Council to find ways of keeping the parking outside the shops available for customers and deliveries.

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