A tribute to Frances Walker, 20 November 1939 to 7 April 2009

I knew Frances Walker for over twenty years as someone who dedicated themselves to helping their community. Whether as a children’s play leader, a carer for the council or as a long-standing member of the Horn Park Community Centre she was always passionate about helping everyone in Horn Park.

She helped set up the Friends of Horn Park to help improve her beloved park and was instrumental in setting up the Horn Park Forum and as its chair oversaw many of the improvements made to the Estate and to the Park.

Frances always insisted that the park should be for everyone, young people and teenagers in particular. That is why she was a keen supporter of the skateboard park and the ball court we have been able to install into the park.

Not content with that she also wanted to introduce a Trim Trail in the park to encourage more people to use the park and to get involved in physical activity.

She was only told recently that the scheme had been given the go ahead and it will be yet another tribute to Frances when it is complete.

When the Prime Minister announced that he was inviting community champions to a special reception at Downing Street I had no hesitation in nominating Frances as recognition of her years of selfless dedication to Horn Park.

I will miss her infectious optimism and her sound advice which I came to learn was always worth listening to.

She will impossible to replace and we will all miss her. Horn Park has lost a champion and I have lost a friend.

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