Middle Park pilot to tackle untidy gardens

Clive has been carrying out his walkabouts for over 10 years now.

From the very first walkabout, complaints were raised about people failing to keep their gardens in good order. Whilst most people work hard to keep their gardens neat, they are let down by a minority that do not. Sometimes this is because they are elderly or infirm and need help. Sometimes, however, people have no excuse for not maintaining their gardens.

Clive takes up the story “When we discussed this on the walkabout the council announced it was introducing a new team of enforcement officers who will deal with a wide range of issues including ensuring that gardens are cleared of rubbish and improving the overall appearance of the estate. They will also be able to offer help to those that need it.”

The scheme will start on Middle Park in May. In addition to tidying up gardens the scheme will help with removal of abandoned vehicles; tackling fly tipping; inspections to ensure good road cleaning and sweeping; graffiti removal; and removal of bulky goods.

“I welcome the council’s positive response on this matter. People have every right to live in pleasant surroundings.” added Clive. To find out more about the scheme please call 02082944588.

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