Clive gets tips in green driving

Clive got a lesson in saving money and helping the planet when he went along to the Ford Dagenham showroom at Five Ways in New Eltham.

He was given a driving lesson by an expert in ‘green driving’. By making slight alterations to his driving technique Clive was able to increase his fuel efficiency by nearly a third whilst also increasing his average speed.

“Some of it was just common sense” explained Clive, “for example accelerating steadily and smoothly, changing gears early but not labouring the engine at any time. The instructor told me to always look ahead three or more cars. If they’re turning or slowing, ease off early rather than waiting and braking. If you can take a smooth line through corners with minimum movement of the steering wheel it will help cut fuel efficiency and make the ride more comfortable for passengers. It was very surprising how such relatively small changes in a driver’s habits can have such a big effect on fuel efficiency and cost.”

“The instructor took me on a loop around Five Ways and Green Lane which is always a busy area. On my first trip I averaged 42.3 miles per gallon. On my second loop after the instructor had given me advice on how to improve I averaged an astonishing 56.2 mpg. Amazingly my average speed on the two trips rose from 12mph to 15 mph.”

For more green driving tips, click here.

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