Victory as Clive gets his buses

Clive is celebrating victory after London Buses finally agreed to provide a direct bus route from Eltham to North Greenwich. The move has come after years of campaigning from Clive Efford and others. “Hundreds of people have contacted me over the years to express their dissatisfaction with public transport links to North Greenwich, whether they wanted to get to the shops the 02 or the underground station.

“I am delighted that we now have a direct service to the underground station at North Greenwich” said Clive. “I have been pressing London Buses to introduce a route like this for years. Accessing the 02, the Odeon and shops on the peninsular has meant a bus journey that could take up to an hour. Now we will have a direct service. It is also good news for jobs. As the development of the Thames Gateway area progresses, demand for swifter links with the Jubilee line services will grow and I am delighted that TfL have now recognised this and is going to provide us with this service.”

TfL have announced they will extend the 132 route from Eltham Station to North Greenwich, via the Rochester Way, the Sun in Sands roundabout, the Blackwall Tunnel Southern Approach on to Sainsburys and the Odeon on the Greenwich Peninsular.

Clive has also welcomed moves to extend the B15 to provide a bus route for the residents on the Horn Park Estate. “I have been working with residents on the Estate for a long time to get a bus route onto the Estate. This will provide a much-needed link from the Horn Park estate to Eltham town centre.”

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