£20 million Centre opens in heart of Eltham

Clive Efford has opened the new £20 million Eltham Centre that he has been campaigning for over many years.

Clive says, “It has been a long campaign but I am delighted with the outcome. When we finally got to the design stage I was nervous about whether whatever emerged would live up to my aspirations. I have to say I it has managed to exceed those aspirations.”

The centre houses the Greenwich Community College on two floors. Clive went to see the principle Geoff Pine ten years ago to get his support for a scheme that would link the college to the new leisure centre. Students studying sports-related courses can now have practical tuition in the leisure centre and get their text books and other materials from the library. Clive says, “This is a very unique scheme and I am proud to have played my part in bringing it to our town centre. It will be a vital part of the future vitality of Eltham Town Centre.”

Throughout the long campaign for a new centre in Eltham to replace the old Eltham Pools there have been a lot of detractors who demanded that it was built in one of our local parks. Clive says, “I think it will not be long before it will be very difficult to find anyone who will admit to opposing it.”

Clive adds, “The community said that they wanted the new facility to be in the town centre, the council has remained faithful to that and deserves a great deal of credit for what we have all achieved.”

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