Clive visits Greenslade to talk to pupils about the challenges of climate change

Clive dropped in on Greenslade School to talk to children there about the dangers caused by global warming as well as to explore some of the potential solutions.

Clive has been visiting as many schools in his constiteuncy as possible over the last twelve months to show children a powerpoint presentation he has developed about global warming and to talk to the children about what they can do help tackle this problem.

“Some of the presentation is based on the 10 steps to save energy in the home produced by the Energy Saving Trust”, explains Clive. “These steps are very simple and can be understood and acted on by children of all ages. Turing out the lights when you leave the room, making sure TVs and computer games are not left on standby and getting families to turn their heating down by one degree are all sensible ideas that can save families money as well as helping the planet. On their own, they do not represent a solution to the problems of global warming but they are a very useful way of getting young people engaged with the issue.”

After the presentation, Greenslade head David Ashley pledged to go with the school council and turn the school’s own central heating down by one degree to see if the school would still be warm enough.

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