Clive welcomes plans to re-open Eltham and Mottingham Hospital

Clive Efford welcomes plans to re-open the Eltham and Mottingham Hospital in Passey Place in Eltham Town Centre.

“The PCT is about to go to public consultation on the plan to re-open the centre as a 24 hour a day, seven days a week, walk-in treatment centre and introduce up to 40 intermediate care beds” explained Clive. “This centre will be able to treat over 70 per cent of patients who currently attend Accident and Emergency centres. These centres will relieve the burden on our A&Es and leave them with more time to deal with the most seriously ill and injured patients. This will bring services closer to people in the community and will be extremely popular with people in Eltham.”

Many people choose to go to an A&E rather than wait for a GP appointment, “People are making a clear statement that they want walk-in GP services that suit their needs. This new treatment centre will meet that demand for people in the Eltham area” says Clive

The hospital will also house up to 40 intermediate care beds for patients who need a high level of support. These beds are not for long term care. Many GPs from Eltham find it hard to care and support patients who go into intermediate care beds because they are too far away. Clive says, “Bringing intermediate care beds into the heart of our community will mean that these patients will get the care they are entitled to.”

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