Ed Balls comes to Middle Park

Ed Balls is one of Gordon Brown’s closest political colleagues and was his chief adviser at the Treasury before becoming an MP. Ed is tipped to be a cabinet member in Gordon Brown’s first cabinet and a future Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Mr Balls came to speak at a dinner held in a brand new restaurant on the Middle Park estate at the invitation of local MP Clive Efford.

Clive says, “I am very grateful to Ed for agreeing to come to Eltham. I was particularly pleased to be able to introduce him to Appean Sharma who has just invested a great deal of money in opening the new Dhaba restaurant in New Market Green. Appean also owns the Costcutter on the estate and has been in the local community for more than 30 years. He employs over 30 local people and his new restaurant will employ even more people in the future. I wanted Ed to meet Appean because he can give Ed Balls a view of a local independent trader working hard not just to make money , but to improve the community for everyone.”

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