Clive forces fares reduction

Clive Efford MP has forced Southeastern trains to accept that they got their new fares wrong.

Clive says, “In fact Southeastern left out zone three entirely. Anyone travelling from zone four to zone three paid the same fare as if they had travelled to zone two.”

For monthly season ticket holders this meant that their fare was £60.70 rather than £44.60. Passengers were being charged £4.00 for a peak return to Blackheath from Eltham instead of £3.30 Clive explained.

This matter was brought to Clive’s attention by constituents who had seen their season tickets go up by 63 per cent. Clive says, “My constituents wrote to Southeastern to complain about the scale of these increases before the new fares came in to force, so there is no excuse for them implementing the wrong fares. They chose to ignore their complaints and now they must compensate everyone who has been overcharged.”

Southeastern have now admitted that they have been overcharging passengers and have agreed to reimburse passengers.

The error also relates to passengers on the Woolwich Arsenal line and the New Eltham line. Anyone who has bought a ticket from stations in zone four travelling to stations in zone three should contact Southeastern for compensation. Clive would also like to hear from them.

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