Clive’s climate change campaign rolls on

Clive has visited a number of schools to give his presentation about climate change. After launching his campaign at Eltham Hill (for more details click here), Clive has been to Riverstone and Crown Woods.

“If my generation fail to tackle climate change the price paid by people currently at school will be very high. The Stern report has proved that if we do not reduce our carbon emissions there will be a heavy economic as well as environmental price to pay. Young people at school now are already well informed and concerned about this issue. I want them to keep the pressure on politicians like me to ensure that we take the steps to ensure that we reduce green house emissions before it is too late.”

As part of Clive’s presentation he lists the 10 Steps to Save Energy (click here) as well as talking to students about the cause of global warming and some of the solutions.

As well as the presentation Clive has worked with local schools to send thousands of letters to parents and pupils explaining how to save energy and cut bills.

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