Clive joins local councillors and residents to oppose Ship pub late license

Clive Efford is supporting local residents opposed to a late-night license for the former Ship public House – to be renamed Bust “Da” Rhymes Bar – in Plumstead Common Road.

Over 50 people turned out on Saturday September 16 to protest outside the pub. The large turnout showed the local strength of feeling

You will see on the right hand side of this frame a two-page letter sent out by the Council to local residents. Click on the picture to see a larger version. This was sent to residents living within 200 metres of the Ship. Clive wants to see this letter distributed more widely. Why not print it off and show it your neighbours.

It is important that all residents opposed to this application write to the Council to outline their objections. Letters will be more influential than petitions. It is important that people limit their comments to address only the specific points in the license application. I know, for example, that there are rumours that this is an application for a lap-dancing club. This is not the case and if people mention issues like this, then they run the risk of having their objections struck out.

The Council’s consultation letter clearly spells out the issues that your letter needs to address. Please follow these instructions. Letters must be with the Council by October 5th.

The application will be determined at a public hearing at a date yet to be specified. Everyone who registers an objection should receive details of this meeting. It is unlikely that there will be enough time for everyone to speak at this meeting. Your local councillors are keen to represent your views. If you are happy to allow them to speak on your behalf then please indicate this in your letter. The names of your local councillors are given in the Council’s letter.

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