Clive meets with T Mobile to push for new position for Oxleas mast

Clive recently joined with residents and a local councillor to meet with T Mobile to try to find a more appropriate location of a mobile phone mast on the Rochester Way at the bottom of Oxleas Meadow.

T Mobile was granted permission to erect the mast in July when the Planning Inspectorate overruled objections from the Council – which had refused permission – Clive Efford, the local councillors and local residents. [for further information click here]

“The site where T Mobile has been given permission is totally unsuitable” explained Clive. “The mast will be visible from the hill looking down from Oxleas Wood, a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is also close to residential housing.”

“Along with Terry Powley from the Eltham Park Residents’ Association and local Councillor Dermot Poston I met with T Mobile at the site [see picture, right]. We were able to get a commitment from them to look at sites further east along the Rochester Way on the south side of the road. This means that the mast would be better obscured by trees and further away from residential housing.”

“T Mobile has promised to get their technical staff to carry out an assessment of the sites and then get back to us. I will post details of their response on this site as soon as I have received it.”

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