Clive condemns Planning Inspectorate’s decision to allow Rochester Way phone mast

Eltham MP Clive Efford has written to the Planning Inspectorate to express his anger at the decision of the Inspectorate to allow a mobile phone mast to be erected at the bottom of Oxleas Meadow.

The planning application from T Mobile for the mast had been turned down several times by Greenwich Council, following objections from Clive and many local residents. Clive [pictured right, at the top of Oxleas Meadows] explained “I pointed out to Greenwich planning that I could not think of a more unsuitable location for such a mast. The mast will be located in the middle of the vista seen from the top of the hill looking down from Oxleas Wood, a Site of Special Scientific Interest. This is a landmark location for the local area and the view is enjoyed by many local residents. It is also close to residential housing. It is not an appropriate site for a phone mast”.

T Mobile then appealed to the Planning Inspectorate to ask them to override Greenwich’s decision. Clive wrote to the Inspector urging that he refuse permission for this development. Unfortunately the Inspectorate has now given the go ahead for the mast.

Clive has now written to T Mobile to ask for a meeting at the site. He will suggest that they move the mast’s position a few hundred meters eastward where there are already phone masts and few houses. “Moving the mast eastwards will mean that it would be lost in the trees and be less obtrusive. Ideally I would like to see phone companies co-locate their masts on the same base” said Clive.

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