Select Committee call for radical overhaul of parking rules

The Transport Select Committee, of which Clive is a member, has called for the rules governing parking to be overhauled. – The report said “It is…important that the Government, local authorities, and citizens work together for parking solutions which are sensible, fair, uniform in their essentials, but which are as responsive as possible to the wide variety of local requirements throughout the country.”

The report made several recommendations:

There must be one system of parking, not two. It is absurd that if a motorist commits a parking offence on one street the offence will be dealt with by the police and the criminal court, while in a neighbouring area, the same contravention could be handled by the local council as a civil matter.

It must be made clearer to drivers what regulations are in force and how compliance is to be achieved.

Appropriate recruitment, remuneration and training should ensure a professional parking service throughout the country.

The process for challenging and appealing penalty charge notices must be made clear.

Scrutiny of local authority parking departments needs to be strengthened.

Local authorities should be required to develop parking strategies which meet local objectives, focusing particularly on congestion, road safety and accessibility.

To see the report in full click here

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