Clive starts work on Memorial Hospital extension

Clive attended the Memorial Hospital to officially start work on building works which will transform the services offered at the site.

The work will include:

  • Refurbishing the main building including a new day hospital for the elderly
  • Building two modern wards for adults recovering from mental ill-health
  • Landscaping the grounds
  • Building a new car park

    In all, the project will cost £15m and is being funded by the Treasury (not PFI). It was also highlighted as an “important strategic development” by Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt when she announced a £2bn capital investment programme for the NHS in February.

    Once the work is complete, it will provide much needed improvements to the infrastructure at these sites, improving the delivery of services and functionality of the hospital.

    Pictured right are: Clive unveiling a plaque to commemorate the start of the work; talking to Stephen Firn, Chief Executive of Oxleas Foundation Trust; and getting to sit in one of the diggers used on the site.

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