Clive Efford collects teachers for Africa

Clive Efford visited two local schools last week to collect cut-out teachers that were made by pupils to represent the real ones that they want the government to help provide for school children in Africa.

The visits were organised in response to the Make Poverty History campaign that asked school children make paper cut outs of teachers. Clive went along to collect them and has promised to pass on the messages to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Clive was invited to Greenacres Primary School and The Newhaven Centre to talk to children about the campaign and answer their questions. Newhaven even gave Clive a full size paper teacher to deliver to Tony Blair.

Clive says, “It was a pleasure to be put on the spot by these young people. The discussions brought home to them the things that we take for granted in countries like our own. They pointed out to me that in some places there may be one teacher for 100 children of all ages and abilities.”

Clive adds, “I am very proud of what our government has achieved internationally to encourage the developed nations of the world to cancel debts and help educate children in the worlds poorest countries. Building on successful campaigns such as Jubilee 2000 led by the churches we have achieved a great deal and intend to do more to assist these countries to do more for themselves. That is the only way to bring about sustainable change.”

Clive will be delivering the cut out teachers to the Prime Minister in the near future.

The picture shows Clive with a class at Greenacres School in Eltham

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